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    Fishing Brand Machinery Science and Technology Co, Ltd.is an professional and Technological enterprise who work for R &D,manufacture,sale fishing machinery.She lie to the place where nearGuang-Fo Hi-Way, Guang-Qing Hi- Way in Pearl Delta.She adjoin Foshan First Ring Road and Guang-Qing Hi-way. Traffic is convenient ,radiate in all directions. Fishing Brand Machinery Science and Technology Co. Ltd. has perfect system of quality guarantee.It put”five advances and an excellent “ as core value view or " high quality ,technology advance,sale good, service good ,the best in trade.The products by R & D combine now late technique about electronics ,plastics hardware.In aspect of fishing machinery manufacturing technique is in advance level all time,especially in forage feeding technical field advantage,can not replace. 

    Fishing Brand company have a lot of high quality staff, in engineering R&D respect , the team work of engineers contain electronic controlling design, structure design of mould and die, engineering material apply etc. to finish, they have many years experience in trade.R&D of products mainly are that use is more convenient, structure is more reasonable,quality is more stable as aim ,let customers more satisfied .R &D ,design of products by this company must investigate widely customers and test in long time repeatedly in pond,let products press close to customers,by unremitting staff of fishing brand,make products do really “Technology for fishing , Service for fishing “.

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Service hotline:0757-85651532